"waldvorbäumen" - What is the relation to consulting??


A very good question! How what a freelancer have the idea to found with such a phantasy name?

First some translation work: wald = wood, vor = in front of, bäumen = trees.

You see my name stands for a well-known life wisdom: In work as well as in private life, there are often moments in which one

"does not see the wood for the trees". It is obvious and yet - you overlook it.

And just a small hint from an outside person - and suddenly the solution lies at our feet.


Processes and structures are subject to our perspective. From complex contexts, a practical and logical construct can easily be created with which all involved can identify themselves. And that's it: the basis for the successful implementation of your goals.


My name also wants to illustrate the following comparison: the company as "wood" and its employees as "trees".

Contemplation of the whole without losing sight of the individual and the details. And stay transparent.

These are my self-image and my idea of successful management.

My guiding principle



As a freelance consultant, I base my services on self-imposed goals and policies. This primarily includes appreciative and trusting communication with my customers and their employees as well as the responsible handling of information and data. I always have transparency, authenticity and a systemic attitude in the process.


My values


Innovativeness, the ability to continuously reinvent myself

Flexibility, the ability to evolve with new challenges

Creativity, the ability to achieve common goals through new, unconventional approaches

Authenticity, mutual trust through transparency, partnership and appreciation

Professionalism, intensive training and further education in the offered service areas

Responsibility, the preservation of my values towards all stakeholders